Introducing: Me

Hello one and all,

This is my first post, yes, yes, I know. Quiet your cheers upon my return to the blog-o-verse. I am as thrilled as you.

So. My blog. It’s all about books, man. Y’know, they’re just so…book-y.

Well, for those of you who have absolutely no clue who I am (which will be 99.9% of you), hi, I’m Zola and I like to read. (*chanting chorus of ‘Hi Zola’*). It’s lovely to meet you all.

This blog is a place for me to share my reading adventures and discuss thoughts on the latest books! Please comment book suggestions and feel free to track my reading challenge progress in the Reading Challenge tab.

To help you guys get to know me better, I thought I’d put together a few facts about me, so here goes.

  1. I’m 18 years old until the 25th of May, when I turn 19
  2. I love to shop. I don’t mean casually, I mean it is a daily struggle of self-control not to splurge on ASOS and Limecrime goodies. It goes something like this:

Me: I really have to save money right now

Asos: LOL we’re having a huge sale plus did we mention 20% student discount cos that’s a thing

Me: *salivates and spends all money*

3. I am naturally a blonde/brunette crossover colour but I recently dyed my hair                    ginger and I love it.

4. I am off to university at Southampton Solent in September to study English and                   Creative Writing

5. I am currently at college studying a BTEC Business Level 3 Qualification as well as an         English Literature A-Level via correspondence that  I have exams for in June (wish             me luck)

6. I think dogs are amazing and have recently started liking cats too because my                     boyfriend’s cats are adorable

7. I am asthmatic, have IBS and can’t eat dairy or gluten (which, ya, that sucks, if you             guys fancy a post on some cool places to eat then hmu in the comments)

8. I currently have a part-time job in retail working at Next, it’s fab there, did I mention         I love shopping?

9. I love a lot of TV shows, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, Doctor Who and          Friends, to name a few

10. As my username is confusing to some, I’m going to break it down for you:

@bookspiesnrhyseyes = books, pies, n, rhys’, eyes = books, supernatural and Rhys              from ACOTAR

So, that’s me! Feel free to leave some comments telling me about yourselves, recommendations for any posts (books related or no) you’d like to see or with book recommendations.

Follow my instagram @bookspiesnrhyseyes for fandom related fun, or my personal @zola._ if it floats your boat.

Ta-ta for now readers!




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