Lord of Shadows

I am ruined. This book has ruined me.

Goddamnit, Clare.

This is the second instalment in the Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. It follows the story of the Blackthorns and Emma Carstairs as they battle the unseelie king, attempt to find a cure for the parabatai curse, and a whole other host of bad stuff.

So my initial thoughts: I loved it. My heart hurts. I can’t believe I have to wait for the next one.

There are a lot of funny parts in the book and there a lot of things that don’t add up yet (such as why Emma killed a rider and how Cortana can cut through anything, who the boy Dru saw was, though I’m thinking that’s a reference to the thing the seelie queen spoke of being taken from her). There are a lot of uncertainties and there’s a lot that I’m in denial about.

1. Why the hell does Clary think she’s dying?

2. What’s going on with the warlocks?

3. What is the mission Jaime is on and what is the thing Dru looked into’s role?

4. Why can Cortana cut through anything?

5. Mark/Christina/Kieran – what on earth is going to happen there?

6. Ty and Kit? Hoping for gay romance here

7. Livvy?

8. Robert?

Okay, so, clearly I have a few questions, as you can see. This book for me, had a lot of powerful political world messages in it. Mostly linking to the Cohort and it’s message of hate – the Clave has never been inclusive, but they are worse than ever. I think Clare was using the Cohort to mirror some societal views and show how wrong they are.

Kit is an unendingly intriguing character and I love that with some books, it can be boring when view points switch so often, but with this you love it all as you’re invested in every character.

I also loved that Jessamine was in it but was a little confused because I thought she moved on after the Dark War, clearly not, though.

There’s also just so much in this book. There’s a lot of travelling and scheming and one thing that never ceases to amaze me is Julian’s ability to scheme and plan. Losing Livvy is going to crush him and Ty, I’m desperate for the next book but also scared of it a little. I think Magnus and the warlocks are being affected by the blight and that there’s going to be another war which is what Magnus’ vision has predicted.

Overall, this book was possibly even more amazing than the first – it sends messages of love and inclusion on all fronts and has a large diversity of characters as well as an intriguing plot line. I can’t wait for the next one and am probably going to be bookhungover for quite a while now.
Have you finished LoS yet? What did you think? Tell me in the comments below! For more bookish fun and news, follow @bookspiesnrhyseyes 

Happy reading,



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