Jennifer L Armentrout – Till Death

Hey guys,

This is my book review for Till Death by Jennifer Armentrout. She’s one of my favourite authors but I have to admit, I haven’t been as impressed with her standalone novels as of late.

This book is about a woman called Sasha as she fights to overcome her PTSD after being kidnapped 10 years ago. When she returns to her home town where the kidnapping happened, disappearances and bodies quickly pile up. There’s also a hot romance, because c’mon, this is an Armentrout book and we live for those.

The book was okay. I wouldn’t say it was amazing, I wouldn’t say it was bad…it was however, very cliched. It seemed to use the most predictable murder mystery cliches ever. I knew who the murderer was from about half way through. So for me, I found this quite predictable, there really weren’t many plot twists.

I really liked Cole and Sasha together but they could have been swapped out for any generic romance couple. Cole is fiercely protective and really hot, Sasha is damaged goods with a wounded soul, scared to let anyone in. I also  thought Sasha was kind of stupid for just blurting it out when she realised who the murderer was, if she had waited everything would have been a whole lot less painful for her.

All in all, definitely not the best murder mystery I’ve read recently and definitely not the best Armentrout book I’ve read recently.

Let me know what you think, have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Follow my Goodreads account to stay up to date on my reading challenge!

Thanks guys, happy reading!



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