Post-Election Mourning

It is the morning after the election night here in the U.K., as it stands, Conservatives are in the Lead at 42% to Labour’s 40% though neither party has enough for a majority.

The Labour Party of course, targeted  students and young people, encouraging them to come out and vote labour. 72% of young people did indeed come out and vote.  Labour made various promises, the major one for students being the scrapping of tuition fees at universities. For those of us who bothered to think beyond ‘yay, free tuition’, we realised this cannot be achieved in a sustainable way.  

Labour promised to scrap tuition fees for all heading to university in September and those already there, by taxing corporations and the rich 5%. As they will struggle to do this between now and September, they will have to borrow millions straight off the bat, leading to the highest taxation possibly ever – so either way, students will pay. Not only this, but a higher influx of students will head to university without the current £9k deterrent, potentially weakening the value of a degree. Students would be the best qualified generation with zero jobs to go into due to the economic breakdown of Labour’s backyard tax and copious borrowing. Labour targeted the young dreamers of the nation, but a country can’t be run on whimsical ideologies. 

Not that the Tory campaign has been that much better. (See my previous post for information on my views of the parties.) I also disagree with some of the Tory policies.

Recently, as many of you are aware, the U.K. has suffered several terrorist attacks. The emergency services reacted faster than anyone could have hoped, in spite of May’s earlier cuts  to the police force. Speaking of earlier, Corbyn previously bragged that he had never voted for a single piece of anti-terrorism legislature, nor does he support the shoot to kill policy. It makes one wonder how many more casualties there would have been on London Bridge and Borough Market without these policies in place and why do the public support someone who knowingly consorted with the IRA during the previous attacks on parliament?

Many say, ‘do your research, make an informed decision’, I would like to add that reading the independent, the daily mail, etc does not count as research. There are two sides to every story and I honestly believe that this was the most misinformed and poorly campaigned election ever. 

Hindsight sucks right? 

The views expressed here are my own and I have a right to express them without being torn down as many are doing on social media to anyone who speaks against Labour. Be kind, be safe, be informed.

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