Italian Food That Meets Your Free-From Needs

Hello everyone!

In this post I’ll be telling you about a restaurant called Zizzi’s. Some of you may have heard of it and immediately dismissed it as an option to eat out in because it’s Italian food. However, you couldn’t be more wrong!

In a world of growing awareness towards allergens and intolerances, it is becoming easier to access free from foods, both in supermarkets and in restaurants.

If you’re like me, going out and having a chicken salad, etc. does not sound at all appealing. Most places now offer at least one gluten free option with some also catering to dairy free too! The difficulty often comes when trying to avoid both dairy and wheat, though ALL eateries should have information available as to the ingredients of their food where it pertains to the ‘main allergens’, if they don’t they are in violation of the law and feel free to tell them so.

So back to Zizzi’s. I only recently discovered Zizzi’s and not only does it cater for my dairy and gluten free needs, it also caters for vegans too! All this is at a wallet friendly cost, especially if you’re a student or taking advantage of one of their many deals (posted here).

I always find the staff to be friendly and helpful and the service to be efficient. For example, when I go to Zizzi’s I usually have their vegan pizza on a gluten-free base. Not only does it taste amazing, it only costs £8.95. For a whole pizza. Yum.

They offer many things that are gluten-free but not dairy-free and vice-versa so if you only need to worry about the one allergen you may find Zizzi’s even better for you! They also offer dairy and gluten free desserts, which a lot of other establishments don’t (aside from fruit). They have a helpful filter on their website so you can easily see what food is suitable for you.

All in all, Zizzi’s is a family, allergen and wallet-friendly restaurant and have many branches around the country!

Have you visited a Zizzi’s? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!

Happy eating!



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