Throne of Glass Series – Sarah J Maas

Hey everyone!

So as mentioned in a previous post, after reading Assassins Blade (a compilation of the ToG novellas) I decided to re-read the Throne of Glass series! Because, hey, it’s not like I have exams to revise for or work due at college…….

Also, beware, I may occasionally post spoilers in my reviews (like in this one). Nothing too major don’t worry.

Anyway, I’ve found that after reading Assassin’s Blade I’ve noticed way more little references and details that I previously overlooked or dismissed. Maas truly creates another, beautifully complex word full of amazingly well-written characters.

I had also forgotten how much the books made me laugh! Celaena is ridiculously arrogant and vain but throughout the books we see her mature more and more. I just finished Crown of Midnight (again) and have to say, I had completely forgotten about Archer’s role and I feel like Celaena’s response to Chaol is unnecessary. He didn’t know about the king and Nehemia – he didn’t intend to get kidnapped, he wasn’t plotting against any of them so I feel her attitude towards him is unjustified.

I also forgot how much Dorian loved Celaena. I love those two together but they were meant for different paths, I feel like it is a sign of Celaena’s developing character that she ends it with Dorian.
To summarise, amazing, mind-blowing ending, brilliant twists and turns and well-written characters all feature in this series as well as witty dialogue and hot guys. Enjoy.

Happy Reading!



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