The Crimson Night – Marie Hall

Hey everyone,

I’ve been in a major reading slump lately so I picked up this book today. I believe it’s part of a series and though I’m not convinced at the standard of writing, I’m quite enjoying the story.

The main character is called Pandora and she’s half lust demon. My first thoughts about her character was that the author was trying way too hard to make Dora sound sexy and badass and in the end it was having the opposite effect.

Hall does a pretty good job of creating a world and a plot, so now I’m hoping the writing will have improved come the second book. Admittedly the second half of the book was better than the first, though it got a little confusing when Dora went to hell.

I liked the characters and the plot didn’t go quite where I expected it to, which was a pleasant surprise. I felt however that we hadn’t gotten to know the characters that well before one was killed off, Hall could have waited before doing that for maximum impact when it mattered a bit more.

Some of the actual writing (grammar, spelling etc.) was wrong and the style of writing was far too cliched and try-hard for me, but it got slightly better as the book went on. I think the copy I have is an old ARC though which could explain the errors.

Not an amazing book but a good and intriguing, first start. Has a few steamy and graphic parts in it so younger readers beware!

Happy Reading!



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