All Hallows Night & Howler’s Night – Marie Hall

Hey guys,

So I read the next two books in the Crimson Night series! Mostly because I thought it was just a trilogy but now I’m 3 books in and feel obligated to finish even though I’m not really that interested in the story.

The writing is still somewhat bad, some grammatical errors, every single book ends with some kind of cliff hanger which gets old quick. Writing-wise, it’s not that great, though it has improved over the course of the two books.

I like the world Hall has created, I don’t mind the characters though the whole series is a bit superficial and cliched. Essentially I’m reading this series out of boredom, and now obligation.

May be better to just avoid this series altogether as it has a fair few inconsistencies (for example the cousin who runs the other carnival who is sometimes cousin, sometimes brother). It has some mildly interesting plot points that don’t usually turn out how I think they will (Dean’s role for example).

Overall a solid 5/10, read if you’re bored, otherwise it’s drivel.

Stay fab!



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