Red Rain – R S Black

Hey guys,

So I finished the last book in the Crimson Night series. Apparently the world continues in some of the authors later books that are set in the same world. I don’t think I’ll be continuing on though.

The series overall was a 5/10. It was meh. It tried way too hard to be sexy, badass and original and ultimately failed. It had a stock plot of ‘bad guys want to take over the world’ which never really developed and at times didn’t even make sense.

There were a lot of points where scenes that were supposed to be dramatic were just cringeworthy. Maybe it’s just me, but for example the scene where Asher ends a chapter saying he is broken was not emotive in the least. Rather I found it overly dramatic.

This series has been pretty much everything I hate in a book, though the writing got better slightly in book 2 and then coasted at that mediocrity.

So, give the series a go if you’re bored but other than that it wasn’t that great.

Happy reading (and happy 20th Harry Potter anniversary)



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