Pretty Little Liars – The Season Finale

Hello everyone,

If you watch PLL but haven’t watched the season finale yet read no further! Thar be spoilers ahead.

I had my doubts about season 6/7. I feel like the series should have ended a long time ago. That said I have enjoyed the seasons, I just couldn’t picture anyone in particular as AD.

The series finished and resolved a lot of questions I had and all in all, it was quite clever for Spencer to have a twin and explained the Ezra/Wren/Spencer meeting at the airport as well as some other uncharacteristic behaviour. It had clearly been in play for a while. However, I kind of hated the whole twin thing, it felt more like fanfic than anything else. Also, what the hell was that accent Alex had?

I also had mixed feelings about Aria and Ezra together, I was low-key rooting for Jason or someone else. Mostly because I think it’s creepy that Ezra entered into a relationship with Aria knowing full well how old she was (because of the whole Ali book thing) though he pretended not to know and therefore it was ‘okay’. Seems like grooming to me but alright. The way everyone flips their shit over an honest portrayal of suicide in 13 Reasons Why and yet PLL glamorises grooming and paedophilia and everyone is chill with it.

That said, I liked their wedding and am glad Aria is happy. Spoby, Haleb and Emison were always end game so that was all good. Even though things must be majorly screwed up between Spencer as Toby seen as he slept with Alex thinking it was Spencer.

I hated Mona’s role in all this. I’m glad she beat Alex in the end but am confused as to her suddenly having Alex and Mary captive. I’m guessing a fake officer on scene? Either way, that’s messed up.

All in all, a really freakin’ weird end to a series that should have finished 2 seasons ago. RIP PLL, you will be missed.

What did you think of the finale? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!




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