Souljacker – Yasmine Galenorn

Hi everyone,

I got this book from Netgalley a little while ago and thought i’d put my review up on here! If you haven’t already signed up for Netgalley you should do so, check out my post on Netgalley for more details.

So the book follows the story of a succubus called Lily, one of her clients is killed in the bedroom and his tattoo is found to be removed. This happens several times until the characters realise a dangerous vampire tattoo artist is reclaiming all his work from those he tatted. This includes Lily and her friends. Throw in a little romance and a dystopian-ish world and you’ve got a pretty decent book.

I was a little hesitant to start this book and wasn’t really expecting too much of it. I was pleasantly surprised however as it was on the whole, an enjoyable read. I’d say this is perfect for fans of Karen Chance and Patricia Briggs. Often on Netgalley I have a browse and pick up things that generally I might normally skip over, especially if I’m in a reading slump!

The only real drawback of the book I felt, was that some of the writing was a little transparent. As in, it was easy to see where the author used thinly veiled speech to get across plot points or characters thoughts/emotions etc. instead of letting the reader infer these things for themselves. In this sense, I found the writing not quite as smooth.

However, the book did have good plot points, it was something a little different and the characters were all likeable. I also enjoyed how in depth the detail was about the world the book is set in. It really helped set the scene. I also liked that Lily was interested in women too as I feel like there aren’t enough gay/bisexual female lead characters in this kind of genre.

There were quite a lot of long, drawn out parts in the book (flashbacks) that perhaps didn’t need to be quite as long, though I would have appreciated some flashbacks to other things the main character talks about because we’re kind of thrown in the deep-end from the get-go, in this way it felt more like a second series book than the first.

Overall, I enjoyed this book though it was a little transparent in places. I would definitely read a second book in the series.

Happy reading,



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