Hassle-Free Dairy and Gluten-Free Brownies

Hello everyone,

As most of you are now aware, I have strict dietary requirements. That said, I enjoy a sweet treat (or two!) just as much as the next person so I’m constantly trying new free-from things that have been released.

Yesterday, I tried out Tesco’s Dairy and Gluten-free brownies, these were a bake it yourself thing from a packet. So they take about 12 minutes to cook and around 10 minutes to prepare. The method is on the back of the packet which has the ready-made brownie mixture (with added chocolate chips!) in it and all I had to do was add a bit of water, 2 large eggs and some dairy-free butter.

I also had to line a baking tray and mix it all together but all of this took 10-15 minutes tops.

The brownies came out well and cooked quickly, in hindsight I think I used a slightly too-big tray as they didn’t have that much depth. However, they were warm and tasted good so that was a success!

The only downside to this instead of just buying the ready-made free-from brownies they have, was that it made quite a few brownies and they’re very rich. I don’t know how long they keep for whereas the ready made ones you can keep in their plastic wrapping until you want to eat them. I also found that the richness of the brownies hasn’t gone down so well with my ever-sensitive stomach, so if you struggle with rich foods (like having too much dark chocolate) then this might not be for you.

I hope this review was helpful for anyone looking to try this product out!

Happy Cooking!



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