iZombie – the Season 3 Finale

Hey everyone,

So it was the season 3 finale of iZombie recently, I don’t know if you guys watch it so here’s a low-down of what’s what.

The show follows a woman called Liv who goes to a boat party one night at the behest of her Fiance Major. At the party people start acting crazy and trying to eat people, Liv wakes up the next day on the beach in a body bag, hair turning white, skin an awful pallor. She’s a zombie. This obviously wrecks her relationship and she has to find a way to feed. On brains. Luckily, she was trained as a doctor pre-zombie scratch and so becomes assistant medical examiner at the morgue where she has access to brains galore. There she meets Ravi, her ally and discovers that by eating brains she can help solve cases for the police department because she gets visions of the person’s life, as well as taking on their traits which leads to many a funny mishap.


So fast-forward to season 3 and some crazy crap has gone down. A flu vaccination was contaminated with zombie blood, turning everyone who has it into a zombie. Queue mass hysteria and the remaining humans trying to kill all zombie’s in sight.

The ending of season 2 and the whole of season 3 have been ridiculously intense. I think it all started when Arthur from Merlin showed up and was dating Liv for a bit (which I shipped so hard goddamnit) but then died. Everything went to shit after that.

The arrival of Fillmore Graves and Clive being in the know was interesting and I’m so glad Clive is all caught up. I’m so sad for him and Dale though. I was however, skeptical about the whole zombie army plot line but actually it turned out quite well!

I feel like these characters cannot catch a break though, the writers are slowly killing off all Major and Liv’s love interests until they’re forced to be together. Which I’m not entirely adverse to, though I kind of like the idea of Liv and Chase Graves. A little bit. A smidgen.

Anyway, the finale ended with Ravi supposedly finding a vaccine for zombieism and testing it out by becoming a zombie. I don’t know if there’s another season. I feel like there are some things that still need to be answered but perhaps it is better this way. We can fill-in our gaps about the characters and hope for the best.

This show is funny, has pretty decent plot lines and interesting characters. Originally something I started watching half-heartedly, then I ended up binge watching it because it’s fab.

Do you watch iZombie? What did you think of the finale?

Happy watching,



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