Tommy Guns Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in my ‘Shopping’ tab! Keep an eye out because I’m nearly always shopping so I’ll post some of my buys/wishlists in this space as often as I can.

So this post is about a brand of shampoo I bought, probably a couple of years back now, from ASOS. It was in the sale for about £3/5 and I thought it looked good! Arrived and oh my god. It is the nicest smelling shampoo. I ordered Pomegranate and Orange Flower and it smells divine. I use it sparingly but am now running out. No problem, right? I’ll just re-stock.


Can’t buy it anywhere. ASOS no longer sell it. All of their stockists are sold out (i.e. they don’t sell it anymore), it’s not available on amazon or ebay and honestly I’m heartbroken because it smells so damn good. 

I found the next best thing on ebay which was a conditioner of the same brand that is for hair that ‘lacks confidence in volume, fullness & thickness’, which is perfect for me because I have very fine hair. It comes in a 250ml bottle (so small!) and smells like Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey – in short, it smells freaking amazing. I managed to snag it on ebay for around £6 though there are other conditioners on there and amazon – just no shampoo.

Have you ever tried Tommy Guns? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s hoping ASOS bring it back eh.

Stay clean,



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