5 Things to Know About Getting a Tattoo

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I took the (carefully considered) plunge and got a tattoo! I had it done at 13 in Waltham Abbey by a tattoo artist called Alex Hearn (check out her work on her instagram!).

So here are some things I want you to be aware of when deciding to get inked!

1. It doesn’t hurt as much as you think – So many people get put off from tattoos based on the pain factor, I didn’t find it particularly painful but of course everyone’s pain thresholds are different. It also depends where you get tattooed and how big/detailed your tatt is. It’s more of a stinging sensation than anything, I found getting my ears pierced more painful.

2. Don’t be scared to speak up – If you’ve picked a good tattoo artist you should feel comfortable enough to speak up when you’re unsure. If you don’t like the way the stencil has been laid, SPEAK UP. This is a permanent decision, your artist isn’t a mind reader, so tell them what you’re thinking.

3. It’s a big decision – I always think it’s crazy when people go to Magaluf and come back with a drunk tatt. This is a permanent thing, it will be on your body forever. Careful consideration of your design is important (you want to still like it in a years time) and so is the selection of artist and tattoo parlour. Make sure you’re sure before getting inked.

4. Check the hygiene – The same as when you get a piercing, if your artist seems to be doing zero prep this could be a warning sign. You want to make sure everything is clean and hygienic so you don’t get an infection or worse.

5. Take someone with you – Maybe not true for everyone, but for my first tattoo I was nervous, my friend wanted to come and watch anyway, so she came with! It helped a lot with keeping my nerves at bay and gave me something to focus on while I was being tattooed.

So those are my main tips and advice, hope you find it helpful! Of course, here is a pic of my new tattoo: 

Ink responsibly!



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