The Diabolic – S.J Kincaid

Hey everyone,

So I received this book from Netgalley a little while ago and finally got around to reading it this evening.

This is set in a futuristic world where AI is prevalent. Creatures called Diabolics were created by humans to protect and love only one person (those who they are purchased for). Nemesis will protect Sidonia at any cost, even her own life.

I loved the writing in this book and I thought the plot and overall idea was really good too, very original for the most part.

Kincaid crafts the plot beautifully in order to toy with the reader. My initial thoughts were that the book would develop into a love story as soon as Nemesis met Tyrus. Which in part was an accurate prediction, however a lot more happened.

I truly believed Tyrus was guilty when the electrodes happened but hadn’t been convinced before that. Also the plot twist with Sidonia I didn’t see coming at all!!

I feel like there should have been more build up between Tyrus and Nemesis because all of a sudden they seemed to be in love. I also think that we’re lacking some answers in terms of Nemesis’ ability to love – was it there all along or is she special?

Definitely worth a read and I believe there is another book in this series!

Happy reading!



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