Ride the Storm – Karen Chance

Hey everyone,

After a bit of a to-do, I finally managed to read Ride the Storm. I’ve been waiting for this book for what feels like forever, and when release date rolled around, Amazon was unable to deliver it. Consequently, I’ve re-ordered with book depository and downloaded it as an iBook in the mean time.

So like all the books in the Cassandra Palmer series, Ride the Storm was absolute chaos. This has to be one of my favourite series, and I’m glad that (for me) the question of Mircea or Pritkin has been solved.

I really like the Rosier/Cassie bonding and there was a lot of funny bits in this book. I wish Casanova had been in it though because he’s always good for a laugh.

It did feel like there was absolutely no down time in this book, it was all chaos, all of the time. Which, maybe was deliberate so the reader can experience Cassie’s struggles, exhaustion and disorientation themselves. It was a little confusing at times. Though the book had clear goals (defeat Ares, get Pritkin, get the godly objects) it was so chaotic it didn’t feel like there was a plot we were moving towards/going through until the very end.

Karen Chance is very good with cliffhangers and I am, of course, wondering about the ambiguous ending and hoping I don’t have to wait as long as last time for the next book.

Some much anticipated things happen in this book, expect some entertaining conflict with a certain baby-fanged brunette and some serious face time with some awful hair.

Overall I adore this series and loved this book. Ships became canon, cross-overs galore and an ending to keep you wondering. Check it out!

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