5 Things Netflix Don’t Do That They Absolutely Should

Hey everyone,

Like most other teens, I love Netflix. To the point where I hardly ever watch actual TV anymore. This is becoming more and more common, especially with teen audiences. However, it seems to me there are plenty of things Netflix doesn’t do that they are missing the chance to capitalise on.

I don’t believe Netflix is necessarily unique or that it offers particularly good value for money, considering their vast number of competitors and the low quality of some of their screening. It is however, convenient and more than anything, that’s why I like it.

1. Suggestion Boxes – Want to know what kind of shows your customers want? Or a specific show in general that would be popular? Ask us. Run a poll on twitter etc. to find out what shows would make non-Netflix users sign up. Produce an in-app poll to find out what shows/genre would get current subscribers to stay with the company.

2. Equality of Content – I get that some shows can’t be on the UK version of Netflix for copyright reasons etc. for new releases. But there are plenty of titles that are available in the U.K. generally and on Netflix in other countries that aren’t on the UK version of Netflix. (Friends, I’m looking at you). One platform, thousands of titles, all available, no matter the country.

3. Team-Up with a music service – Okay, hear me out. Official character-themed playlists for original Netflix shows. Or even just for the shows themselves. It could be a PR thing, people could suggest songs etc. voted down until there’s an official playlist. Partner-up with Spotify and do it. (Calling TMI fans, personalised official playlists for Jace, Alec, Clary…hell, maybe even ship playlists…Malec.)

4. Student discount – This would be hugely popular and pretty unique. Just a discounted version of the membership fees like Spotify and Apple Music do. So many young adults invest in Netflix, especially at university as its way cheaper than paying for a TV license or TV. Team up for an exclusive student discount with UNiDAYS. This would give Netflix an edge over its competitors and a unique selling point to its’ customers.

5. Improved Screening Quality – Customers shouldn’t have to pay extra for HD. Make all standardised screening subscriptions include HD, and ensure a high standard of quality, especially for older shows.

So there we have it. None of this will probably happen, which is a shame. Based on an article I saw, Netflix is up crap creek without a paddle, financially speaking, currently. Some new ideas might be just what they need.

What do you think of my suggestions? Are you subscribed to Netflix? Let me know in the comments!

Keep Streaming!



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