Loved by P.C and Kristin Cast

Hey everyone,

So like many others, when I was a young budding teen I read the House of Night series and loved them. I loved the characters, I loved the vibe, I loved the free spirit of the book, I loved the plot. They were probably my favourite series.

Until they kept going on. And on. And on. I stuck with it but honestly the plot lines grew worse with each instalment.

Full of curiosity, I decided to re-read the books now, at 19, to see if I still thought they were good.

I did not. The writing was awful, I have no idea how they made it through an editing process or managed to get published. The characters and the whole hippy spirit vibe grated on my nerves after a while, it felt like Winx club on steroids for Vampires.

A little while ago, another book was released. I would like to point out at this point that this is not technically a review of the book as I haven’t read it, nor do I intend to unless you’re planning on afixing me to a chair and forcing me to.

This book is supposedly a ‘new series’, but, hang on, it’s the same characters….same plot lines….takes place after the last book ended….

Isn’t that just…a continuation?

Well, I expressed my disdain for this series via Goodreads, I left a one star review entitled; ‘when will this bloody series end’. That’s it. I received quite the backlash about it. So here’s a newsflash: NEGATIVE REVIEWS ARE ALLOWED TO BE EXPRESSED.

I don’t know if nobody told the guys commenting, but just because my opinion is different to yours it doesn’t make it wrong. Nor am I not allowed to post it because it’s different to yours. A lot of people got a little worked up over nothing.

If you want to read the comments just look up the book and click on the 1 star rating with tonnes of comments.

I stand by a comment I made that the taste is questionable of those who still love the series who’re older than a young teen. However, people can read whatever they want without fear of judgement, so if you’re reading this thinking ‘but I’m 30 and I love House of Night.’ It’s okay, you have the right to like whatever you want but there are a lot of better quality books out there you could be spending your money on.

To conclude, just because you personally disagree with a review, that doesn’t mean the other person should have to change it, apologise or take it down. They’re just as valid as you and so is their opinion (which everyone is entitled to).

Stay kind guys.



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