This Heart of Mine – C.C Hunter 

Hey guys,

I recently got this book approved by Netgalley and last night I finished it. I’d read one of C.C Hunter’s other series and really enjoyed it which is why I gave this one a go. Though it is completely different from the other series, this book was really good.

It’s about a girl called Leah, she’s in high school and her heart is dying. She’s on a transplant list but doesn’t think she’s going to stay alive long enough to get one.

The story switches perspective between Leah and Matt. Matt’s father died not long ago and even more recently, his twin brother Eric commits suicide. Matt refuses to believe it was suicide and sets about trying to find his twin’s murderer with Leah’s help.

Leah receives Eric’s heart when he dies and with it some of his memories, Matt uses his physcic twin link to Eric to access some of his memories while he dreams – so there is a slight supernatural element to this story.

I found this book really engaging and I didn’t work out who the killer was until a little over half way through which is pretty good and it was written really well.

I did receive an uncorrected e-book so I’m putting the few mistakes I noticed (accidentally using the wrong name or tense) down to that. I would have to say though that there needs to be some sort of page gap or asterisk so that we know when we’re changing view point because it gets very confusing in places.

I loved Matt and Leah’s relationship and I like that Leah is so confident. All in all, a really great book and after reading the author’s notes at the end, has convinced me to register as a donor myself.

Happy Reading!



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