Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1

Hey everyone,

As I’m sure most of you know, Riverdale season 2 aired today on Netflix in the UK. I loved season 1 so much and I’ve been waiting impatiently for season 2, now it’s here and it did not disappoint.

**Warning: Some spoilers will follow so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, read with caution **

This episode was filled with drama from the get-go and KJ Apa’s performance as Archie had me welling up at several points. I liked that even though Archie was the focal point of this episode, we still got little hints of other things that are going on that I’m presuming are all going to tie in somehow.

First up: Bughead. Love it. Love Sprouse, love Reinhart. Fabulous. The only potential negative is it’s a little confusing that Jug is narrating the episodes because in real time he hadn’t found out about Archie’s Dad but was telling the audience about it. Are we to presume this is Jug looking back then? Confuses the character of Jug a little for me.

Next: Cheryl. Just as devious as ever, I do find her character a little cringey and at first I thought it was due to poor acting but actually I think it’s just that Cheryl is such a superficial character that you can’t help but find her unbelievable and cringe worthy. I like that Cheryl is a little darker so far in this season and I’m wondering if that’s going to continue later on in the season.

Veronica. Daddy’s back and there is clearly something going on. After the season 1 finale, my immediate thought was that the shooting was down to Hiram Lodge. It’s clear that Veronica suspects something too, judging by Hermione and Hiram’s faces when Veronica dropped the Fred-bomb on them, we may not be entirely wrong.

Miss. Grundy. Can’t say I’m sorry that she’s gone, because she was a sexual predator and a really shitty person. What is interesting though, is how did whoever that was, find her? Did they know her personally? A victim? Or were they hired by someone with a need for revenge? Why target Grundy and who would have the motive to do so (that we know of) and is it the same person who attacked Fred?

Overall, we’re left with a lot more questions than answers after the first episode, but if the rest of the season follows suit, we’re in for a hell of a ride.

Happy watching,



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