A Celebration of Prince

Hey everyone,

Tonight I went to a celebration of Prince concert at Engine Rooms, Southampton.

This was a live band playing some of the greatest Prince songs, and a whole lotta people dancing. The band were so talented and amazing, often the members switched around instruments which was really impressive.

The lead singer had an amazing voice and persona, he really captured Prince’s vibe without trying to be Prince. He was also supremely skilled on the guitar, his solos were awesome.

The venue was really nice and fairly spacious, so I wasn’t crashing into people every time I danced which was nice. Although, the toilets left a little to be desired – I didn’t realise the lock didn’t work and a lady almost walked in on me!

The band played everything from ‘Kiss’ to ‘Controversy’ and ended with ‘Purple Rain’ after they were called back onto stage for an encore. Everyone in the band was amazing, the saxophonists were so sassy I’m considering learning how to play.

The only dislike I had was that the lead female singer (Emma Black I believe) did a lot of runs and odd body movements when she sang, she had excellent range and was so full of energy on stage. However, she didn’t make it look like the singing came easily to her, it looked like she was griping and straining with the way she kept lifting her leg, bending double and squatting.

Overall, an amazing performance by a very talented band, I would definitely see them again. Tickets were £18.15 from See Tickets, which wasn’t too bad really, the show started at 7 with the band coming on around 8, and finished around 11.

Keep listening,



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