Bad Girls With Perfect Faces – Lynn Weingarten

Hey everyone,

Today I’m off to Southend for a family visit, which left me with a few hours to kill on the train. I decided to use the time wisely and started reading one of the many books in my TBR pile.

This is an advanced copy from Netgalley and honestly I couldn’t remember what it was going to be about at all because it had been so long since I’d requested it. So the book follows two characters mainly, Sasha and Xavier, with occasional POV from an unknown character whose identity is revealed at the end of the book.

I’ll tell you now, this was an emotional rollercoaster and really kept me guessing – nothing is as it seems in this book. It’s a murder mystery…kind of. Sasha is Xavier’s best friend, she’s also in love with him. Xavier is hung up on his ex, Ivy.   Sasha knows that Ivy is no good for Xavier and sets out to prove it by catfishing her into thinking she’s talking to a hot guy called Jake. It all goes a bit wrong when Ivy turns up dead with Xavier looking like the culprit. Sasha has to decide how far she would go to protect those she loves.

Okay, so now you know the general plot, there are TWO plot twists. One of which I guessed towards the last few chapters but both were still brilliant. The narratives were brilliantly done and so engaging – I find it hard to read on the train at times but this was easy. If you liked ‘One of Us is Lying’ you’ll love this too.

I loved how complex this book was and how unique the narrative was. The characters were all likeable and I think the way the novel explored the lengths to which we go for those we love was really exceptional.

Definitely worth a read!



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