Six Little Secrets – Katlyn Duncan

Hey everyone,

Tonight I decided to read one of my Netgalley books waiting to be reviewed.

This is a teen mystery, 6 teenagers are framed and called to detention when someone starts pranking them. They each have secrets and the ‘pranks’ won’t stop til they’re all out. Very reminiscent of Pretty Little Liars and ‘A’.

I was hoping for a little more from this book, something ‘One of Us Is Lying’ esque. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve read similar books that were much better but I really didn’t think much of this. There were a few typos and inconsistencies but I did read an uncorrected advance copy so that’s to be expected. I felt it was an odd mix of juvenile and adult as it dealt with some very adult themes (teachers sleeping with students, murder, arson) and yet was still very immature at the same time.

It was also very abrupt, all of a sudden the prankster was being revealed. There wasn’t enough build-up before the reveal so it took me aback that we were suddenly being introduced to the prankster and some random ulterior motives.

All in all, not a great read. The writing doesn’t flow that well, there is a consistent lack of dramatic devices and the scene with Q’s challenge should have felt a lot more intense and scary, instead I was confused about what was actually going on. It also feels like a nick from Sara Shepard’s PLL series but not as good.

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