Renegades – Marissa Meyer

Hey guys,

I started reading Renegades today, I got it as a pre-release book via Netgalley. I haven’t read Marissa Meyer before but I have heard good things about her work.

This book has a kind of alternate universe, dystopian theme. Or I suppose, a superhero theme. It tells the story of Nightmare a.k.a Nova, her family and the Renegades. There was a war between the Anarchists (people with super powers who fought for freedom, led by Ace Anarchy, Nova’s uncle) and the Renegades (people with superpowers who wanted to end the chaos that erupted because of Ace). Nova infiltrates the Renegades in the hopes to discover their secrets and destroy them from the inside.

The book was well written, but as with most uncorrected ebooks there were a few mistakes. The characters were interesting and there was a lot of moral ambiguity that really makes the reader think about whether they agree with the characters.

It is however, a very cheesy concept. Superheroes versus villains, corruption, the heroes becoming tyrannical, etc. I still found it enjoyable despite this.

I didn’t find I was surprised by anything in the story though, I guessed that Adrian would become a love interest and that he was the Sentinel before we find out. I also guessed the plot twist about Phobia and of course, the very final plot twist. I also wasn’t surprised by Detonator’s betrayals, I was surprised by Nova retaliating though.

Overall, this was a good start to a series, but probably won’t be one of my favourites unless the next book is amazing. Worth a read though!

Keep Reading,



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