Christmas, Coffee and Free From Treats!

Hey everyone,

It’s that time of year again where the temperature has dropped and it’s absolutely bitter outside. So, like many people, I stopped off at Costa for a hot drink before heading back out into the cold.

Being both dairy and gluten-free (not by choice) can make going out for food or drinks difficult. However, a lot of coffee places are wising up now and offering soya or other alternatives to milk. What is less common however, is sweet treats that are both wheat and dairy free. A lot of places offer one or the other, which isn’t so helpful when you can’t have either.

We’ve all been there, you’re standing by the counter, and all you can see are those blueberry muffins and millionaire shortbreads and chocolate cake and coffee cake and…yeah. You get the idea.

Well, imagine my surprise today when I went into Costa and found not one, but a couple of different options for me! They also had a gluten-free brownie but sadly it wasn’t dairy-free.

Starbucks have much fewer alternatives and they are often more expensive.

In the end, I got a decaf (otherwise I’d be bouncing off the walls) soya (no dairy) latte and a gluten and dairy-free mince pie (which was very sizeable and honestly the nicest free-from mince pie I’ve ever had) from Costa which cost £4.79.

Not bad for a coffee shop, and not bad considering the prices for free from treats. Did I mention that the pie was also vegan friendly?

Congrats Costa, you’ve won yourself a loyal customer here!

Keep warm!



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