Limecrime: Dark Unicorns – Hair Dye for Brunettes

Hey everyone,

Recently Limecrime – an American make-up brand – released rainbow hair dyes specially formulated for brunettes. So far there are only a few colours to choose from. The bottles are $17 each (though in the UK you might be able to find them on ASOS or beauty bay etc. for cheaper) but the testers I ordered were $1.50 each.

I decided to order a tonne of colour testers and try them out on my hair. My hair is naturally a dark blonde colour, but is currently dyed ginger that has faded to a dark blonde which is lighter than my natural colour.

I tried out ‘Chestnut’, a reddish purple colour, on the ends of my hair and have to say, the results were pretty good. The colour stained every available surface though, so try and wipe asap if you splash or spill.

While the colour was quite vibrant, I have to say it faded pretty quick. It started out as a pinky red after I washed the dye out and within a week and a half was barely a pink tint on the ends of my hair. So beware: you may have to top this up frequently, however everyone’s hair is different, mine possibly just struggled to hold the colour. (Though I have previously used Schwarzkopf in pinks and reds that held just fine).

I saw a really bad review on Facebook recently about these hair dyes, however, the testers all had black hair. Some dyed, some natural, either way, this dye is not for black hair. It specifies blonde to medium brown hair on the website. For anything else you’ll have to bleach it.

Stay cute,



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