Asos – Winning the Award for Worst Customer Service

Hey everyone,

As most of you know, I love to shop. So when one of my favourite brands (Asos), ran a competition giving uni students the chance to design their own tee and have it sent to them for free – as well as submit it into a comp to potentially win money and have their tee sold on their site, I thought it was a great idea!

However, here I am, almost 4 months down the line, t-shirt-less and having experienced possibly the worst customer service ever.

As part of the entry process for the competition, you had to verify you were a university student to be able to partake in the competition. This meant entering your university email into the entry form. Once you’d done this and created your free tee design, you would receive a 10% off discount code that is valid til your graduate as well as your t-shirt within 6 weeks.

After talking to Asos representatives, first on Twitter and then on other social media, it has taken almost 3 months for me to receive a response to the question – ‘where is my free tee?’

I spoke to several representatives and each of them told me/asked me the same things and then didn’t get back to me, for me to have to repeat the same process again when they finally deigned to reply.

Today, I received a message saying that although I had my discount code (verifying that I am in fact a uni student) the system didn’t ‘validate’ me.

Unfortunately this meant my t-shirt design wasn’t printed and I wasn’t entered into the competition.

Not only has it taken me 3+ months for me to even hear back about this, but Asos’ ‘specialist team’ is clearly wrong. I was validated (hence the email with my discount code, feel free to use it boys and girls) but they’re claiming I wasn’t.

Have to say it’s not their finest moment. Anyone experienced something similar? Tell me in the comments.

Keep shopping,



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