5 Things Every Student Needs To Do in 2018

Hey everyone,

It’s 2018! If I haven’t said so already – Happy New Year!

My favourite things to do (generally speaking) are; shop, eat, read, sleep and listen to music. I don’t tend to bother with New Years Resolutions, I prefer to set myself targets throughout the year, even if it’s the small stuff – it could lead somewhere great.

So here are some things everyone should do in 2018:

1. Try Something New – Whether it’s listening to a new band, cooking something new (or learning to cook at all), trying out a new club or talking to someone new – trying something new every year (hopefully several somethings) is an amazing way to create new skills and experiences, and hopefully meet some great people along the way.

2. Take a Group Holiday – Whether you’re at uni or at college, group holidays are a great way to bond further with your friends and a great way to see the world. Probably whilst very drunk (be careful kids). Some great sites to check out for budget holidays are: British Airways Holiday Finder, Holiday Pirates and Secret Escapes. Going away doesn’t have to be expensive – up until the 19th of January Great Western Railways have a January Sale on, travelling somewhere within the UK will be even easier (and cheaper than usual).

3. Get Connected – You never know who you know will become someone super important in the future. Talk to people, try and get in with companies – you could be fuelling your future career just by being friendly to the people on your course or in your societies.

4. Save – Unfortunately, a somewhat boring, but practical, tip. Get a crappy job that (hopefully) pays decently and save as much as you can. Once you leave uni, you’ll be thankful you’ve got some savings behind you so you can move into your own place. Going from the freedom of uni to being back with your parents will take some adjusting, so save up and nab a little flat somewhere cute.

5. Petition Your University and Government – As it stands, most university students are being ripped off by their course providers. Paying £9,250 a year for a course that’s ‘full-time’ but only actually 2 or 3 days a week – shouldn’t we be being charged for a part-time course? Another huge issue for students is funding – many university students live away from home, by themselves and entirely independent from their parents. Why then, is our income based on our parent’s earnings as a dependant (I.e. students are considered adults in the eyes of the law, but children – dependants – in terms of educations and funding)? Why do 20, 21, 22, etc. year old adults have to base their livelihood on their parents? There are many issues to do with University courses, fees and funding that need to be addressed – the best way to do this is if students speak up for the issues that matter to them. Find a cause and support it this year, change doesn’t happen on its own.

Even if you only manage one of these 5 things in 2018, make the most of your year. Netflix isn’t going anywhere, so don’t let opportunities pass you by in favour of binge watching Big Mouth or Friends. (Though totally do that in your down time).

Happy 2018!



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