University is a Con: Here’s the Maths

Hey everyone,

I’m currently at University in Southampton. Whilst I love Southampton and the people here – I can’t help feeling that I’m being ripped off by my university course. So, I decided to do some digging.

Before Christmas (term one of my course) I was at university 2 days a week. This consisted of 11 hours of in-house learning. For a full-time course.

Generally, full-time hours are considered to be anywhere between 25-40 hours per week. Part-time university courses are charged at £4,625 p/a, versus full-time which is £9,250 p/a.

It is now the second term of my first year and I’m still only doing 11 hours per week at university – now spread over 3 days.

Considering we now know that:

A. Full time hours are considered to be 25 hours and upwards


B. I’m being charged for a full-time course

Doesn’t that mean that I should be either:

A. Charged the price of a part-time course


B. Have the requisite amount of hours upped to suit the advertised ‘full-time’ conditions of the course?


What’s more interesting however, is that if over my 35 week academic year (approx) I continue to do just 11 hours per week for each of the 3 years, I’ll do 1,155 hours of learning over 3 years.

Now, let’s say my course hours were doubled up to be closer to full time hours. For example, 22 hours a week for 35 weeks (approx) continued over 3 years. By doubling up the hours, I should theoretically halve the amount of time it requires to complete the degree.

If in a 3 year course, I only need 1,155 hours of learning, and I double up my hours per week to be 22, then I only need 53 weeks to do my entire course.

So now let’s say my course is actually full-time and I do 30 hours a week split over 4 days. (Essentially 4 days 9-4). So presuming I only need the 1,155 hours of learning, and my course follows the current trend of about 11 hours per week – that means doing 30 hours p/w I only need 39 weeks to do the entirety of my 3 year course.

To conclude, Universities are charging students for a full-time course but only delivering on a part-time one. Which is obviously in breach of the advertisement of their courses if nothing else. This means we are not getting the high quality and resources devoted to us that we should be for a full-time course.

Brb dropping out,



P.S. I hate maths so bear with me guys, but either way I want my £4,625 p/a back pls.

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