Twice Dead – Caitlin Seal

Hey guys,

I received this book pre-release from Netgalley.

This book was somehow both exactly what I thought it would be, and yet, not. The story is about a girl called Naya who dies and is resurrected whilst completing an errand for her father. Naya is enlisted by an influential politician working with her father to spy on the citizens of Ceramor for Talmir (her home country).

Talmir doesn’t like Celamor because they practice necromancy and they had a mad king who tried to raise an undead army. Naya agrees to spy on them but quickly finds the tables turning against her as those she thought she could trust are not as sincere as she believed.

Overall, I found that there were a lot of predictable elements within this book. For example, as soon as Corten was introduced I knew he would be the love interest and as soon as he was described as throwing a weak punch during the battle, I knew what his fate was going to be.

However, I did think the story was a very original concept and put an interesting spin on necromancy that I hadn’t read before. I think Seal successfully created her own little world and believable characters, and I definitely squealed inwardly during Corten and Naya’s first kiss!

The writing wasn’t overly complicated and I’d say this book is probably suitable for about 13+, though it does have some mature themes at times. I did feel the writing was a little clunky, but this wasn’t frequent enough to make the book much less enjoyable.

I didn’t particularly like the ending, though I can see that it has been left in such a way that the writer can continue the series; and I did like the final line. I just wish it were less predictable because I instantly now know what the next book will be about – which is fine, but a little mystery and intrigue really works up readers.

I don’t know if I’d read the sequel as I’m pretty sure I could tell you what will probably happen, but who knows, I didn’t expect Lucia and Naya’s plan at the end so I could be pleasantly surprised.

Keep reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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