The Prophecy – Jennifer L Armentrout

Hey everyone,

The last book in the Titan series, The Prophecy, was released recently and I finally got around to reading it last night.

I love the covenant series and I love this one too, but I did think the final book was a little lacking.

The series is a spin off from the covenant and follows Seth. He is working for the Gods and has to round up their children (Demi-God’s) in order to defeat the titans who have been released into the world.

I felt like not a lot happened in the first half of the book but that too much happened at the end of the novel. I felt the book was predictable in places but I don’t know if this was intentional, as obviously the reader has guessed what is going to happen at the wedding.

I didn’t see the twist with Colin coming though, but it didn’t feel very developed; more like it was chucked in at the end to tie everything up with a neat little bow.

I’m also not sure about Apollo’s sacrifice – a lot of things about the ending of the book just seemed messy. I liked the final chapter though and I like that Seth progressed as a character somewhat in this novel.

What I did find distracting, and at times confusing, was the shoddy editing of this book. I wasn’t reading an ARC this time round so there’s really no reason for so many mistakes to be in the novel. At some points the wrong POV name was at the top of the page, at points the POV change didn’t even get a separate page and the amount of typos was ridiculous. Maybe invest in some Beta readers or switch up your proofreader Jen, your books will be better for it!

Overall, an enjoyable read but one that lacked as much plot as the previous novels in the series. I would go so far as to say this was an enjoyable, but sloppy, read. I’ll miss the Titan series nonetheless.

Keep Reading,



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