Finding A Tattoo Artist in Southampton

Hey guys,

As some of you may already know, I got my second tattoo done last week. It’s another small tattoo and it’s a peach, from my favourite poem The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot. It’s on my ankle and I have to say that it hurt more than my wrist, but was still tolerable – probably because it’s only small and simple.

When I first started looking to get the tattoo done, I started digging around, getting quotes and such; it can be really hard to find an artist that you like, trust to put something permanent on your body, and doesn’t charge you and arm and a leg for it. My first tattoo on my wrist was £30 and the one on my ankle was £40.

It’s really worth doing your homework though as I originally enquired with Rock n Roll tattoo Southampton and they quoted me £80. Considering the tattoo parlour I went to was literally down the road from them, and me, (Studio 13) and charged me half the price, I’m so glad I looked into other parlours. Not only did they charge me half of what Rock n Roll quoted me, they also fit me in next day! Well worth popping in, they’re located opposite Debenhams by East Street and the tattoo artist, Jo, was super friendly and professional. I will 100% go back if I decide I want something else inked!

My friend recently went to Rock n Roll and got tattooed there, and was charged around £150 for her tattoo of a small rose and a little script (black ink). Though it was expensive, it does look cute af.

Some tips to take away:

1. Look for a portfolio of some sorts for the tattoo artist you want, e.g. Facebook, Instagram or a website.

2. Look at reviews! Studio 13 had a couple of negative reviews but when I looked into it it was with a tattoo artist who had since left the studio.

3. Enquire at lots of different parlours, some will be more expensive than others. In Southampton (centre) the main tattoo parlours include:

– Studio 13

– Rock N Roll

– Asgard

– Titanic

– Tattoo Monkey

– Ginger Toms

– The Crow Quill

The only thing I think could’ve been improved upon with this second tattoo experience was after care information – I have a brain like a sieve so a little hand out with the info on it would’ve been handy. Jo did give me some stuff I could use to pad my ankle while it’s healing so it doesn’t rub against my shoes though, which was really helpful.

Happy Tattooing!



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