My Mood: The Cute New Brand That Listens

Hey everyone,

I recently approached an up coming brand called My Mood when I saw on Instagram that they were looking for ‘My Mooders’. Essentially they wanted real people giving their feedback on their brand. Fast forward a few weeks and I received some cute af goodies from them to try out!!

My favourite items were the two pins because they’re just so adorable and quirky. But both the shower oil and moisturiser were good too, having a clean fresh scent that goes on smoothly and isn’t too overpowering.

My Mood debuted at the big beauty day out and caught my eye on model Florence Rose’s Instagram page. They’re fun and full of colour which are two things I absolutely love, and were eager to hear any kind of feedback!

They have a large range of products from tech to beauty (all of it cute, colourful and quirky) and can be bought in Topshop and at Boots!

Have you tried out any of their products? Let me know in the comments!

Stay sweet,



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