Dairy and Gluten Free Mini Cinnamon Swirls

Hey everyone,

Up until recently I worked in a bakery at a supermarket, and every time I would be baking the pastries I’d be gazing at them longingly. So I decided to try and make some myself – minus the dairy and wheat.

I found a recipe online at Baking With Granny and adapted it to be dairy and wheat free. I’m pretty sure I did it wrong as hers are full size – but y’know, happy accidents and all that. Mine are nice, but I would recommend adding a bit more cinnamon than the original recipe suggests as mine didn’t have much of a kick. The gluten free pastry I bought from Tesco, but you could make your own if you’re adventurous! I find that the GF pastry is more oily than the normal stuff but it’s still not bad.


Ready Rolled Puff Pastry (GF) 280g

1.5 tbsp Ground Cinnamon

50g Dairy-Free Butter (I used Pure)

50g Brown sugar

1 Egg (beaten for a glaze)

Greaseproof paper


1. Preheat your oven to 180 and grease and line a baking tray. Then, measure out your butter and sugar and add to a bowl with your cinnamon.

2. Mix the butter, sugar and cinnamon together until a paste is formed.

3. Carefully roll out your pastry, leaving it still on the enclosed paper. Spoon on the cinnamon paste, leaving a gap along one of the longer sides so you can seal the roll later.

4. Roll up your pastry tightly but carefully, the side you left a gap on should seal the roll. Then with a sharp knife, cut the roll into pieces and place onto your baking tray. I suspect I cut mine too thick, which is why they didn’t rise as much. Make your cuts about 1 cm thick – this will make quite a few, be sure to leave enough space between each swirl as they should expand in the oven.

5. Beat an egg for glaze and, after applying, sprinkle a little sugar onto your swirls. Depending on the pastry you buy, you could swap the egg for a dairy free milk glaze and make this recipe vegan. Let your swirls sit for 20-30 minutes and then place in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

6. Once you take them out of the oven, let them cool slightly before removing them from the greaseproof paper (otherwise they’ll get stuck to it from all the juices that leak from the pastries).

The original recipe adds icing to their pastries but I decided not to do that. I’m sure you could make these with various fillings – e.g. chocolate, jam, cinnamon and raisin.

Give the recipe a try and tell me what you think!

Keep baking!



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