Comedy Central Live Southampton: Con or Fun Day Out?

Hi everyone,

So this weekend my boyfriend, my friend and I bought tickets to Comedy Central Live: Southampton.

At first, the event was advertised as being £90 per day for standard entry, so of course I wasn’t going to go. Later on, a local nightclub called Switch started selling student discounted, standard entry tickets for £10. I jumped at the chance and bought the tickets.

Fast forward to Saturday, the day of the event, and it was raining. Typical. We decided to just wait out the miserable weather and only go to the headline act (Russell Howard) at 9pm. Our tickets were ‘first come first served’ so we arrived a little before 7pm to ensure we had enough time to queue up and get inside the ‘main tent’.

Yet, once we got to the site’s entrance, we were told that all the seats inside the main tent were full (despite us being 2 hours early). There were other activities on site so we decided to head in anyways, thinking seats may become available.

We got through the entry to the park very quickly, no searches were done, our tickets weren’t even checked and the security guard that checked my bag said he couldn’t be bothered to confiscate my water bottle and to just head right in.

A weird start.

Once we were in the site it quickly became apparent that there wasn’t much to do other than a giant inflatable or buy an overpriced drink. It was freezing cold and raining and we didn’t fancy doing an inflatable bare foot in the rain and cold. Multiple announcements went out over a tannoy system announcing that the main event had sold out. At this point our only options were to leave, or to watch the event happening right next to us on a tv screen.

According to the staff at the entrance, only 4,000 seats were available inside the main tent – despite the fact that they sold a lot more tickets than this (knowing people wouldn’t be able to see the acts they paid for).

It turns out, that ‘standard entry’ refers only to the site itself – though there is no mention of this anywhere on the website or Fatsoma (the ticket purchasing site). So essentially, you’re paying between £10-£20 for a giant inflatable and access to maybe a lukewarm beer. Tickets are released for each ‘show’ and customers must queue to get these on a first come first served basis. However, many customers have complained that these tickets were released earlier than they were supposed to be, meaning by 6:30pm, 2.5 hours before the main headline act, all the tickets had already sold out.

Overall, this event was a mess and frankly an absolute con. The event organisers clearly knew that they would only have 4K seats, therefore they should’ve only sold tickets to the quantity they had available. They did not, meaning that many customers were robbed of their money and were left very unhappy:

From the general consensus from the Facebook event page (see some responses above), only the people who went VIP had good experiences. The Saturday event was a complete shambles from start to finish, but the other 2 days didn’t seem to be as bad (judging by the Facebook responses). Did you attend this event? Let me know in the comments.

Awaiting a refund,



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