Burn Bright – Patricia Briggs

Hey everyone,

This weekend I re-read the whole Alpha/Omega series so that I would be ready to read the latest instalment: Burn Bright.

It was a lot shorter than I expected it to be and considering that many a revelation occurred – it felt like not a lot happened, almost as if it ended half-way through.

There was some much needed character development within this novel but I felt from the very first sentence that this novel did not have the usual feel of the others. This was to the point that I wasn’t sure whether this was from a different narrators point of view because it just didn’t sound at all like Charles. I hadn’t felt that Silence Fallen was that great in the last instalment of the Mercy series either.

Honestly though, if you haven’t read it and don’t want spoilers feel free to look away now but this is the sort of spoiler that will forever colour how you see the series – to the point that I recommend you read on despite the fact that this is a spoiler.

There is a conversation between Anna and Charles in the car to which Anna says that Bran has always been ‘funny’ about Mercy. Charles reluctantly says the whole pack, including him, have always seen it.

Hold up. What.


Was my exact reaction. At first I assumed they meant Bran loved Mercy when she’d grown up.

Not the case apparently.

Another reviewer on Goodreads (her name is Angela, you should check out her post) pointed out many inconsistencies that I agreed with too. This included Charles suddenly deciding that if a wolf reaaaaally wanted to and tried they could defy their alpha (in relation to Anna’s previous pack). All the evidence (including Charles’ testimony himself) points against this previously so I found this confusing.

The worst thing was this thing with Bran though. I honestly hadn’t seen any kind of vibe between him and Mercy that was anything other than distant or fatherly. Not in any of the previous books or anywhere.

However, it was brought to my attention by a review (as previously mentioned) that this scene between Anna and Charles was actually revealing that Bran liked Mercy since she was a child. As in, since she was “3 months old”. Just. What.

This feels so out of the blue. I suppose some of the things Bran has said to Mercy could be seen as proof either way when taken out of context but it’s just beyond bizarre.

What’s worse, to me, is that some fans of the series are defending Bran for being ‘noble’ enough to not act on his feelings for a child? Honestly, that sickened me completely. So really, I don’t know what to think about this new development. I’m hoping it was just written badly/misconstrued but with Briggs’ assistant (or whoever answers her emails – publicist?) essentially confirming it, I feel that perhaps this hope is unfounded.

I sense that the series is going down hill from here on out which is a shame. Unless in the next novel or by Briggs, this is explained, I’m not sure this series is for me anymore.

Have you read this or the Mercy Thompson series? If so, what do you think of this development in the series?

Happier Reading,



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