My Top Tattoo Artists

Hi everyone,

For those of you who don’t know, I like tattoos. A lot. Generally anything quirky or flowery is right up my alley. That said, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite tattoo artists with links to their instagrams! Hope this helps give some of you tattoo inspo! (The following is in no particular order.)

1. @jherellejaytattoo

Jay is a fine-line tattoo artist based in Staines, UK. She does a lot of cute floral work, which is primarily why I like her stuff so much! I have two tattoos done by her and they’re both gorgeous.

2. @geehawkestattoo

Gee is a tattoo artist based in Brighton/Hove, at the Top Boy Tattoo Studio. She does gorgeous floral and nature based work as well as some awesome line-based portraiture. She also has an adorable Ragdoll cat called Peanut, who is honestly just the cutest.

3. @melgracietattoo

Mel is a tattoo artist based in Glasgow, my favourite pieces of work that she’s done usually involve ferns as they’re incredibly detailed. Her diary is opening again soon, so get in quick! Also, she has the most gorgeous dog (I am jealous).

4. @elzavanhouden

Elza is a tattoo apprentice based in Worcester at Lock and Key tattoo studio. Her artwork is quirky, fun and sassy and I am dying to get a piece. She’s having a flash day on Saturday, so for anyone that feels the same as me, head on down to Worcester! Her tattoos are an absolute bargain too as she currently charges apprentice rates.

5. @ellastormtattoo

Ella is a tattoo artist based in London at South City Market tattoo studio. Her art always feels magical to me, full of sparkles, witchiness and flowers. She’s also doing a guest spot in Amsterdam in June!

6. @jt_tattoo

Jt is a tattoo artist based in Worcester at Lock and Key tattoo studio (the same place as Elza). Their style is minimalist and fine-line, usually floral based but not always. Their books are currently closed but keep an eye out for when they next open!

7. @lucietattoo

Lucie is a tattoo artist based in Suffolk at Gunz N Ink Tattoo studio. She specialises in blackwork, floral and ornamental tattoos. Her books are currently open, her designs are gorgeous.

8. @oliviafaynetattoo

Olivia is an artist recently turned tattoo apprentice. Her work is unique, intricate and so pretty. She does custom orders or you can buy designs on her site to be tattooed by her or another artist that’s convenient for you. Her books have yet to open, but will be doing so soon.

9. @littlesuicidecandy

Amanda is an artist as well as a tattoo artist, she travels to different studios to tattoo her work. Her work is sassy and beautiful – another artist that I can’t wait to get a tattoo from.

10. @tritoan_7th

Tritoan is a tattoo artist based in New Zealand. His artwork is intricate and often features nature/animals/flowers and are all gorgeous.

11. @tindratattoo

Tindra is a tattoo artist that travels a lot. Currently she’s in Ireland, she often posts stories about her travels too – I had a lot of travel envy when she went to some super exotic places recently. Her work is crazy funky and so imaginative, she has an amazing authentic style and her ink is vegan.

12. @alexhearntattoo

Alex is a tattoo artist based in Loughton at Leviticus Tattoo Emporium. She gave me my first tattoo once I turned 18 and is so lovely. Her diary is currently open for April-June and her work is quite varied. She does sketch work, floral work, mandalas and more.


Lauren is a tattoo artist based in Southampton at Rock n Roll tattoo studio. Her work is imaginative, often colourful and ridiculously pretty. I’ve yet to get a tattoo from her, but she’s so close by I definitely will be at some point! She has a huge range of flash so go and check out her work!

Thus concludes my list, there are so many amazing tattoo artists out there – 90% of my Instagram feed is taken up by tattoos. These guys are just some of my personal favourites based on style etc. If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo make sure you’re prepped, read my tips here.

Happy inking!



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