Suburbia Southampton – Sexual Harassment Acceptable?

Hello, On Saturday night, two friends and I headed out to our favourite Indie club - Suburbia. Cheap drinks deals, music you can request and cheap entry. This Saturday was a very different and very negative experience, however. It was 'Single Pringle' night (presumably because Valentine's Day is coming up) but said on the event … Continue reading Suburbia Southampton – Sexual Harassment Acceptable?

Limecrime: Dark Unicorns – Hair Dye for Brunettes

Hey everyone, Recently Limecrime - an American make-up brand - released rainbow hair dyes specially formulated for brunettes. So far there are only a few colours to choose from. The bottles are $17 each (though in the UK you might be able to find them on ASOS or beauty bay etc. for cheaper) but the … Continue reading Limecrime: Dark Unicorns – Hair Dye for Brunettes